It's a well known and well documented fact that early CPR is the only cure for sudden cardiac death.  Bystander CPR saves thousands of lives every year in the United States and the Whitestown Fire Department would like to see bystander CPR in use every time we are called for a cardiac arrest.  To reach that goal we are making great strides toward community CPR education, including purchasing the needed equipment to host community classes and training multiple CPR instructors within the fire department.

In 2012 we offered CPR and FIrst Aid instruction to every teacher, educator and child care professional within our response district, free of charge.  We want the comfort of knowing that anyone who might be charged with the care of a child in our town will know what to do if faced with emergencies like cardiac arrest, choking, allergic reactions and other common illness and injuries.  Knowing what to do in the moments between calling 911 and the arrival of the paramedics can mean the difference between life and death.  To date, we have been able to train 49 educators and child care professionals at four schools and three daycares in the town of Whitestown.  We will continue offering this to all teachers, school workers and child care professionals along with re-certifications of those already trained.

Starting in 2013, we will begin offering quarterly AHA CPR certification classes for any interested individual in our service area.  These classes will be offered free of charge for Whtiestown residents. Check back here or keep an eye on our FaceBook page for the dates and registration for these courses.

To get started today, watch the video below form the AHA on 'Hands Only CPR'