The Whitestown Fire Department is proud to highlight the accomplishments of our firefighters throughout the year as well as the goals that we have set for the coming year.  You can click on any of these documents to have a look.  Additionally, in December of 2012 the WFD administration released the Five Year Growth Plan for the fire department, which is also available for review.

2018 Annual Review

This year the WFD put together our first Annual Review. This will continue each year as a way to highlight the various changes and bullet points of each division. To review the 2018 Annual Report, click here.

Long Rang Plan

In 2012 a long range strategic plan was conducted by the WFD. In 2018 the plan was reviewed to see how we did, and where we can improve. A new strategic plan is being developed for the target timeframe of 2020-2025. To review the 2012 summary, click here: