This past year the Whitestown Fire Department petitioned for a review of our ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating.  In essence, ISO is a national insurance data and underwriting service that a vast majority of insurance companies use to determine homeowners insurance rates.  ISO keeps a database of the most recent PPC (Public Protection Classification) scores that insurance agents then refer to when establishing rates.  This PPC is based on several pages of information, each with a point value.  For example, the score for WFD was greatly reduced due to the fact that we now have a dedicated aerial truck and ladder company.  Water supply, manpower and many other factors all go toward the overall scoring, which can range from 1 to 10, with the lower score translating into lower rates.

Previously, many areas of Whitestown were rated Class 7/9, with the first number indicating the rating for homes within 1000' of a fire hydrant or water source, and the second number for homes that were beyond that water supply minimum distance.  After the review, we are extremely proud to announce that our rating dropped all the way to 4/4X.  The 'X' is merely a new system-wide change to indicate that some of the area is non-hydrated.  What's critical is that the primary classification dropped from a 7 all the way to a 4, which is on par with or lower than most of the municipalities in central Indiana.  In fact, this classification puts WFD in the top 10% of fire departments in Indiana.  And, this rating is accurate for the majority of our residential including Walkers Farm, Eagles Nest, and all other developed subdivisions within the WFD coverage area.

This rating will officially go into use starting December 1st but you may have heard your neighbors discussing it already.  If you see a change in your insurance that is anything but a decrease, we strongly recommend requesting to see what class your home was rated at.  If it doesn't match this new classification, you can request that it be reviewed.  As soon as the official rating takes effect, we will post sample letters and all documentation here on the website for your use.  If you have any questions, feel free to submit an information request and one of our staff officers will contact you directly.