In 2013 the Whitestown Fire Department is embarking on a new community-wide program of Public Access Defibrillation.  It is well known and documented that early CPR, coupled with early defibrillation of the heart, leads to a greater survival rate in patients who have suffered cardiac arrest.  In short, the more defibrillators there are in a community, the better the chance that a life can be saved.


Five AED units were purchased in 2012 to place units on each of the staff cars that could be first on the scene of a cardiac arrest in the town.  That brings the department up to a total of eight defibrillators in service throughout the response fleet in addition to the defibrillator on Medic 71.  The Department has an eventual goal of having automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) in every municipal building and on every Public Safety Officer vehicle within then next few years.

Beyond the municipal utilization of AEDs, the fire department is also compiling a registry of any AEDs in place in the many schools and businesses within the town.  This will allow us to better assess where AEDs are needed and to track the usage of any AEDs as well as the long term outcome of any patients that have been defibrillated.  In an effort to increase the overall number of AEDs available in Whitestown, we are committed to helping businesses locate the right AED and to helping secure grant funding as needed to make that purchase.  

Please let us know if your business has any AED units in service currently so that we can add you to our database.  Additionally, if you'd like assistance in purchasing an AED for your business, let us know that as well.  Thanks for helping us make Whitestown a heather and safer place to live!

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