WFD Community Cares

The goal of the WFD Community Cares Project is to identify who needs help in the community and get them the services they need. To effect that, we will find those who want to give back some of their time in service and provide them the opportunity to help. Watch the video for more info and complete the form that applies to you. 

Service Opportunities:
Teens and College Students
Stay at Home Parents
Weekend Service
Medical Personnel
Anyone that wants to Serve!

Help for Veterans and Elderly:
Driving to Appointments
Prescription Pickups
Wellness Check-ins
Extreme Weather Checks
TeleDoc Visits

Help with Fire Prevention:
Smoke Detector Checks and Installation
Smoke Detector Battery Replacement
Home Fire Safety Checks
Escape Plan Development

Medical Assistance:
Post Hospital Checks
Blood Pressure Checks
Repeat 911 Assistance
Home Safety